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About Kiribati

Kiribati is an island republic in the Central Pacific. It consists of the Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands and Banaba.

It consists of 33 atolls of which 21 are inhabited. The total land area is 811 sq. km, but the islands are spread over an ocean area of a staggering 3.5 million sq. km. The capital Bairiki is on the island of Tarawa.

Kiribati has been an independent republic since 12 July 1979.               

Prior to that it was a colony of Great Britain under the name Gilbert Islands. The country is a member of the UN and the British Commonwealth.

Kiribati has approx. 108,000 inhabitants, about 40,000 of whom live on South Tarawa.

The language is Kiribati (te taetae ni Kiribati),  English is the second language.

Due to its coralline soil there is almost no agriculture or livestock breeding.

Resources from the sea are only partially exploited.

The islands are a mere 2 metres above sea level (except Banaba which is a raised atoll) and are threatened by the expected rising of the sea level as a result of global warming.

About KiribatiAbout KiribatiAbout KiribatiAbout KiribatiAbout Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati is in the centre of the Pacific and consists of 33 atolls.

Capital is Bairiki on the main atoll Tarawa

Over Kiribati

Welcome on Home page of Netherlands Kiribati Friendship Association

The independant republic Kiribati is in the centre of the Pacific                                                             

About 100.000 inhabitants live on 17 Atolls, only two meters above sealevel. Main Island Tarawa is overcrowded, with 40.000 people.

Language is i-Kiribati, and English is second language.

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The Netherlands Kiribati Friendship Association was founded in 2012 by a group of about 10 Dutchmen and women who lived or worked for some time in Kiribati, and who are fascinated by the country and its people. We regularly meet for a nice Botaki, to see what we can do to show our solidarity with the people in Kiribati.


Next year, in the winter of 2016, we will combine that with a  new dip in the icy waters of the North Sea, a recurring fund-raising action.


Motto: Dive in or shell out


Members of the board are Paulien Hagers, (Nijmegen, chair), Mark Overbeeke (The Hague, secretary), Arnoud Pollmann (Nijmegen, treasurer) and Aaldert van der Graaf (Roden)




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